Renting Equipment For Your Weekend Project

Homeowners that like to do the work around the house themselves often have projects lined up that may require tools and equipment that they don't have. The solution for many of these DIYers is to rent the equipment or tool to do the job and return it when they are done.  Finding the Right Tools If you are starting a project that requires some specific tool that you don't have in your toolbox, you may want to call around to the local equipment rental companies and ask if they have what you need available several weeks before you need it.

How To Repaint Molded Wooden Doors

Passage doors are bound to show signs of wear and tear. They can get scratched and dented, or the paint can just fade. You might just want to repaint your doors to update the style of the rooms. Painting molded doors is a little tricky because you can't just use normal brushes. This article explains the best way to paint molded interior doors. Remove the Door from the Frame The job is much easier if your remove the door from the frame.

3 Things To Know Before You Repair Your Roof

The roof of your home is one of the most important parts of your home to keep well maintained since it keeps your home protected from weather damages and provides the ultimate comfort in your home. After all, without a roof, you would suffer from constant water damage, extreme temperatures in your home as the day turns to night, and more. Since roofing repairs are important, you should always know when they need to get done and when to hire the right contractors.

Deck Mainteanance Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Owning a deck allows you to have a great place to relax in the great outdoors and enjoy the fruits of your labor. It also increases the value of your property, as decks are an attractive quality in terms of residential real estate. With this perk comes a host of responsibilities to make sure that you are getting the most out of your property and taking care of your deck to the fullest.

4 Things To Avoid Doing To Save Your Plumbing System

Your home plumbing system is an intricate system that must be maintained and treated properly. There are several things that many homeowners are guilty of doing that are terrible for the system. If you don't want to be calling a plumber every other day, here are four things you should definitely avoid doing: 1. Flushing the Wrong Things Down the Toilet What you flush down your toilet has a serious impact on your entire sewage or septic system.