Why A Rubber Commercial Pool Deck Can Be Good For Your Business

If you operate a resort, a public pool, or another establishment that features a swimming pool for guests to use, a commercial pool deck with a rubber surface can be highly beneficial. Your customers will likely appreciate a new rubber deck because of all the wonderful advantages that these types of decks provide.


A rubber commercial pool deck can keep people from slipping and falling when they're walking or running across it. Wet swimmers who walk or run across pool decks made from other materials have greater chances of losing their footing and sustaining injuries. Rubber doesn't get as slick when it's wet and can provide more stability. A slip-resistant commercial pool deck made of rubber may even protect you against lawsuits that people might try to file for slip and fall injuries. If someone happens to fall on your rubber deck, the impact absorption of rubber can provide more cushioning.

Not Easily Damaged

Rubber doesn't crack or chip the same way that other materials do. Dropping objects or falling on the rubber won't damage the material easily. Rubber can also withstand water damage and staining better. If your pool is located outdoors, a rubber deck will remain better intact and will be able to withstand wear from heat, freezing temperatures, and other elements more effectively.

Simple Cleaning

A commercial pool deck made of rubber doesn't always require a lot of effort to clean. With some soap and water, you can easily clean your deck to remove a lot of the dirt and other grime on the surface. You should avoid using bleach or another harsh chemical cleaning solution that could damage the rubber. For deeper cleaning, you can use a pressure washer on your rubber deck and won't have to worry as much about the material getting damaged.

Easy to Place Over Other Surfacing Material

If you already have a deck that's made of concrete, wood, or another material in place, rubber surfacing can be installed on top of your existing deck to provide better protection. The rubber surface can be removed if you ever want to have it taken off your deck for any reason.

Whether you have one or multiple swimming pools at your facility, you'll likely be pleased with all the advantages that come with rubber surfacing. Contractors who know how to put in new rubber decks can do all the installation work so that the job will be done correctly.