Rubber Could Be The Ideal Surface For Your Commercial Pool Deck

If you own a commercial pool, safety is probably a top priority for you. One way to make your pool safer is to have a rubber deck put around the pool. The deck can go right over a concrete deck, so it's a perfect way to improve the appearance of old concrete at the same time. Here are some benefits of having a rubber pool deck.

Rubber Decking Provides Traction

Rubber decking isn't slippery even when it gets wet. That makes it gentle on kids who might trip and fall near the pool. Slipping and falling is always a danger around pools, especially for kids who can't control the urge to run on the pool deck. The traction provided by rubber prevents slips, and that reduces the risk of one of your guests falling and getting hurt.

A Rubber Deck Coating Is Softer Than Concrete

Another advantage of a rubber deck coating for a commercial pool deck is that it is much softer than concrete. If a small child happens to trip and fall, they'll land on a rubber cushion rather than hard concrete, and that can reduce the risk of broken bones, scrapes, or even head injuries. Plus, a rubber deck is softer on the feet and more pleasant to walk on barefoot.

A Rubber Deck Is Attractive

Rubber decks are attractive, and that's important for a commercial pool deck. You can choose from blue, gray, tan, or any color you like that gives the effect you want. Rubber decking can make it look like your pool is surrounded by sand or rocks, but the deck always feels comfortable underfoot.

Rubber decking is poured in place, so there are no seams. The material can seep into cracks and depressions to cover imperfections with the concrete deck. Plus, rubber is a stretchy material, so it will expand and contract with the concrete underneath it. This eliminates the risk of cracking and other damage. 

Rubber Decking Is Easy To Clean

Keeping the pool deck clean and sanitary is another concern for a commercial pool. Rubber decking is easy to clean by hosing it off and scrubbing it with soapy water if necessary. You can even pressure wash the deck to keep it looking like new.

You can use rubber pool decking in a variety of ways. You may want to make pathways with it that direct foot traffic, or you can cover your entire grounds with the decking. You can use it in a splash pad, as a decorative and protective border around the pool, or even around the concession area to eliminate slips anywhere on your property that's covered in concrete now. Reach out to a professional who provides commercial pool deck resurfacing services to discuss your options.