Renting Equipment For Your Weekend Project

Homeowners that like to do the work around the house themselves often have projects lined up that may require tools and equipment that they don't have. The solution for many of these DIYers is to rent the equipment or tool to do the job and return it when they are done. 

Finding the Right Tools

If you are starting a project that requires some specific tool that you don't have in your toolbox, you may want to call around to the local equipment rental companies and ask if they have what you need available several weeks before you need it. If they don't have it, rental companies with several locations may be able to have the tool transferred over for you. They will need time to make that happen, so the earlier you call about it, the better. 

Equipment Rental

Another option you may need is renting equipment for a job. Often a skid steer loader or a ditch-digging machine will be among the things available when it comes to equipment. The rental companies that deal in these kinds of things will sometime deliver the equipment to the job for you and then pick it up after you have finished the job. 

If you are renting a tractor, a loader, or another piece of equipment that you are not familiar with, you may want to have the rental company go over the controls of the equipment with you before you start working with it. The rental company will take a few minutes to go over it with you and explain anything safety concerns so you can get the work done without breaking the machine or anyone getting hurt. 

Insuring Rental Equipment

Often the rental company you are getting the equipment from will offer you insurance coverage for a fee. They don't insist on it, but if you break the tools or equipment you are renting, you will be financially responsible for the repairs. You may want to check with your homeowner's insurance, because if you are using the equipment on your property, they may cover damages if something happens. 

If the homeowner's insurance won't cover it, you may want to pay the fee for the insurance instead of taking a chance that the machine gets broken and you have to pay a large repair bill. If the damage is a result of age or use, you may not have to worry, but if it is because you did something you should not have with the machine, the rental cost may be the least of your concerns.