How To Clean Your Furnace Motor

The furnace motor is obviously vital to your HVAC system. An unserviced, dirty, clogged or rusted motor can fail over time. However, if your keep your motor clean, with just some simple vacuuming and regularly changing the furnace filter, you can be sure that your unit will last longer and remain efficient for many years. This article explains how to safely and effectively service your furnace motor. This simple maintenance can help reduce your electricity bills and lengthen the life of your furnace.

Changing the Filter

First, you need to remove and change the filter. The filter is responsible for absorbing dirt and dust that is being sucked into the furnace. By filtering out this dirt, it helps keep the motor and its various components (ie the fan and vents) clean. The filter is actually located on the outside of the furnace cabinet, so it is very easy to remove. It is wedged between the input vents and the cabinet wall (usually on the side or top). It can be easily pulled out of its slot without any tools.

Once the filter is removed, you should examine it. If there is no dirt build up on the ridges, you can just put it back in place. However, most filters when catch a fair amount of dirt and they should be changed every year or so. Filters are cheap and easy to replace, so you might as well quickly replace it. Write down the model number of your old filter, so you can be sure that you get the exact replacement. Before you put the new filter back, make sure you wipe down and vacuum out the slot.

Cleaning the Motor

To access the motor you need to open up the furnace cabinet. Some old furnace access doors need to be removed by taking out a couple of screws. But, most modern furnaces have simple latches on hinged doors, so you don't need any tools. The motor is very easy to see once you open the cabinet. The key to cleaning the motor is to make sure the area around it is free of dust. Of course, unless your are an HVAC specialist, you don't want to actually remove or dismantle the motor. However, you can easily wipe down the exterior of the motor and make sure nothing on the outside is reducing its functionality. By using a slightly damp rag and a hose vacuum, you can actually clean out the entire compartment.

Even a basic clean job will help increase the efficiency of your heating and AC systems, so get this job done ASAP. If you need help, contact a company like Will-Do Furnace & Chimney Cleaning.