How To Repaint Molded Wooden Doors

Passage doors are bound to show signs of wear and tear. They can get scratched and dented, or the paint can just fade. You might just want to repaint your doors to update the style of the rooms. Painting molded doors is a little tricky because you can't just use normal brushes. This article explains the best way to paint molded interior doors.

Remove the Door from the Frame

The job is much easier if your remove the door from the frame. Remove the hinge by taking out the screws. You will also want to remove the hinge from the door before you paint it. Make sure you label the hinges so you can reinstall them in the exact same place. Even though the hinges are the same, the door may not hang correctly if the hinges are placed in different positions. 

Painting With a Spray Gun or Brush

It is easier to paint the doors with a paint brush. However, you will definitely leave behind brush strokes because they surface is so hard. When painting within the molded panels, you need to be careful to avoid pooling. Always paint with the grains of the wood. Since different panels on the door will have different grain direction, you will need to change the stroke direction from panel to panel. You might be tempted to use a roller to avoid brush strokes, but it is too hard to reach the crevices in the molding. If you want to avoid brush strokes altogether, your best option is to use a spray gun.

Spraying your doors is the best way to get an even, smooth finish. However, you will need to spend more money renting a pneumatic paint gun and compressor. Once you have a paint gun, it is actually easy to use. You want to set up a paint station with ample coverage to protect against overspray. If you set the doors on small blocks of wood, you can spray an entire side at once. When that side is dry, you can flip the door and paint the other side. One helpful tip for painting with a spray gun is to always move the gun as you are spraying. Never spray in one place, or the paint can pool up. 

Molded wooden doors are a little tricky to paint because they are so smooth and have molded designs. The job is much easier if you paint them in a separate location.

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