3 Things You Must Do For A Healthy Septic System

Day in and day out, you might not have one thought about your septic system or how it's working. However, a system that isn't taken care of can lead to clogged drains, water damage and overflow of your septic tank. Therefore, it's important to do everything you can to keep the system in good condition. Here are some things you can do.

Get Your Tank Regularly Pumped

One of the most important things to do to have a healthy septic system is to make sure that the tank is not damaged and that it is pumped every three years to remove sludge and gunk. If you have a large family or a garbage disposal, you may need to pump the tank even more often, as you are likely to have more waste. Pumping your tank ensures you don't experience a backup of waste into your home, so remember to take care of this task.

Avoid Straining the System

Being conscious of the water you use during the day can help you avoid putting too much strain on your system and causing damage. You might want to practice water conservation measures to make sure you don't overload the system. Some things to consider are:

  • Installing low flow faucets
  • Turning off water when brushing teeth
  • Only doing full loads of laundry
  • Taking quick showers

Think Twice about Shrubs and Trees

You may enjoy having shrubs and trees on your property, but the larger they become, the deeper their roots will dig into the soil. This can cause serious problems for your septic system, as roots may infiltrate or damage septic lines and the tank. Keep existing shrubs and trees pruned, and if you do plant more greenery, make sure that it is not planted anywhere near the drainfield or the septic tank.

Stay Away from Tank Additives

You may decide to keep your septic tank healthy, but try to avoid adding additives. Additives with enzymes and bacteria are not required in a well-functioning tank, which already contains those substances. In fact, additives may cause problems. There is a natural balance of bacteria and waste in the septic tank, and additives may upset that balance.

Use the tips laid out here to ensure your sewer lines remain clear and your system remains functional. To be more confident that everything is working as it should, you may want to contact a septic repair contractor, like Canessco, who can do a sewer line inspection and assess the state of your septic system.