A DIY Guide To Patching Drywall Holes

Drywall is an inexpensive and highly versatile building material. Unfortunately, when used to construct walls, it is also easily damaged. While many people simply learn to live with unsightly holes in their drywall, this doesn't have to be the case. If you've got drywall holes in need of patching, read on. This article will teach you how to repair your wall as well as a professional contractor.

Step 1: Prepare the patch.

Chances are the hole in your drywall doesn't happen to be a nice uniform rectangle. Therefore, the first step is to alter its size to more easily accommodate a patch. Here's how: first, cut down a spare piece of drywall so that it forms a rectangle slightly larger than the hole in your wall.

Next, have a helper hold the patch over the hole while you trace its outline using a pencil. Then, using either a drywall saw or a utility knife, cut the drywall along your pencil lines. The result should be a neat rectangular hole just large enough to accommodate your drywall patch.

Step 2: Provide structural support.

Before your drywall patch is fitted into place, you're going to need some way to support it so that it stays in place. To do this, cut two pieces of one by two so that each one is a couple of inches taller than the hole. These are going to act as anchor boards for your drywall patch.

Have a helper pass each one by two through the hole and orient it so that about half of its width can be seen through the hole. Attach the anchor board using drywall screws, taking care that both of them are pulled tightly against the drywall. If they aren't held securely in place, the entire patch will be much more likely to collapse inward later on.

Step 3: Insert and attach the patch.

Now you're ready to fit your patch into place. If you find that this is hard to do, try putting a screw partway into the middle of the drywall patch. You can then use this screw as a handle to maneuver the patch into its hole--just be sure to remove it when you're done. 

With the patch in place, you're ready to attach it using a few more drywall screws. Just make sure that the screws are going through the patch and into your anchor boards. Remember that unless the patch is securely bound to the one by twos, nothing will be holding it in place.

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