Family Outgrowing Your Home? Use A Prefab Addition To Make More Room

If your family is growing and your home is bursting at its seams, you have some options to make it larger without having to move. One way you can accomplish this is to add a prefab addition to your home. A prefab addition, like Trafalgar Homes Ltd recreational homes, is easier to construct, does not take as long, and will likely be more affordable.


Before the builder gets started, a foundation needs to be laid for the new addition to sit on. This foundation could be constructed on a cement slab, cinder blocks, wood platform, or concrete footing. The right type for you depends on how large the addition is, how much slope you have in your yard, and the local regulations and codes. The construction company can help you decide on the best type of foundation for the addition.

Room Design

When designing the room, you will have different upgrades to choose from. For example, the room will likely come standard with doors and windows. Besides this, you can add things like an extra bedroom, bathroom, vaulted ceilings, a fireplace, built in bookshelf or cabinets. You could also add an entire suite that includes a bedroom, bathroom, and a kitchen. The builder can show you design plans they have, and you can make just about any changes you want to them.

Room Construction

When constructing the addition, the builder will likely assemble the floors first. A wood frame is usually placed under the floor to attach the wall panels. Wall panels are insulated and the windows and doors are cut. Once this is done, the wall panels are attached to the wooden frame using bolts and nails.

When this construction is finished, the builder will call a plumber, electrician, and drywall technician to install the rest of the addition. Once this is finished, the addition is sent to another part of the factor to have the roof put on. The workers may also attach the roof once it gets to your site.

When your addition is finished, the builder will scout out the area they will be travelling to bring the addition to you. They will look for things like power lines, overhangs, and roadways. For example, if there are overhangs or power lines, they could not bring the entire addition at once because the height would be too tall. For this reason, you may want to consider hiring an independent contractor to inspect the addition for any cracks or scrapes.