Remove Scratches From Your Patio's Aluminum Railing To Restore Its' Beauty

Aluminum is a popular choice when it comes to railings, but the metal can become scratched after excessive use and by being exposed to extreme weather conditions. You can restore the beauty of the aluminum railing that surrounds your patio with a few, simple steps.

Use The Following Items

  • bucket of mild detergent mixed with water
  • lint free cloths
  • steel wool pad
  • high grit sandpaper
  • hand sander
  • metal polishing compound
  • buffing cloth
  • railing cover

Clean The Railing And Remove The Scratches

Mix a cup of mild detergent with a bucket filled with warm water. Add this cleaning solution to a dry cloth and wipe the surface of the railing off to remove any residue that is present. Dry the surface with another cloth. Inspect the railing to locate all of the scratches. Deep scratches can be removed by rubbing a piece of steel wool over them, moving it with the grain. Use firm strokes to eliminate them.

Once the scratches have faded, wipe the areas that you used the steel wool on with a lint free cloth. If light scratches are still present, attach a piece of high grit sandpaper to a hand sander and move it with the grain over each one. Wipe the railing off with soapy water and dry the surface.

Apply Metal Polishing Compound

Apply metal polishing compound to a buffing cloth. Rub the compound over the railing until the entire surface is shiny. Add more polishing compound to the cloth as needed. Use a clean cloth to wipe off the surface of the railing when you are finished. By doing so, any residue that is left behind from the polishing compound will be removed.

Maintain The Appearance Of The Railing

Although it will be impossible to prevent any scratches from forming in the future, keeping the railing clean on a regular basis will assist with minimizing the damage that occurs. Clean the railing off with soapy water and a cloth. Dry the surface well after you are finished. If the weather is predicted to be unfavorable, placing a cover over the railing will prevent it from becoming scratched.

Most covers are easy to install. They have a slit in the center of the material that will allow you to wrap the cover around the railing with ease. Measure the length and width of the railing before purchasing one. Once the weather is nicer, remove the cover and enjoy the beauty of the railing. To learn more, contact Aluminum Railings Alfa Decking & Floors