Rot No More: How to Restore Rotted Windowsills in the Home

Does your home have some windows that are not looking as good as they once did? It is not difficult to repair rotted or damaged wood windowsills, and most homeowners can complete these repairs with a few inexpensive materials and supplies. Before you replace your windowsills, try repairing the damage on your own, and save some money. Try these nine steps to restoring your home's damaged wood sills.

1. Scrub the windowsill with a wire brush. This will remove rotted wood and any splinters from the area that you are working on.

2. Apply wood-hardener. This will help to solidify the area around the damage for the rest of the process. This also ensures that you won't further damage the wood when you begin repairing your sill.

3. Mix your putty. This is often sold in a two-part product, and once it is mixed, you will have around ten minutes to work before it begins to lose its flexibility and starts to harden.

4. Put on some gloves. Be sure to wear gloves whenever your hands may come into contact with the putty. These products can be toxic and very difficulty to remove from your skin or clothing.

5. Apply the putty. Fill in the damaged areas of the windowsill with the putty well. You may even want to over-fill it a bit, as you will be sanding the area later on.

6. Shape your patched area. Use a specialty tool, found in most home improvement retail venues, once the putty has started to harden. Form and shape the puttied areas to blend in with the design of the sill.

7. Sand the spots. Use a fine-grit sandpaper to smooth and blend the puttied spots when the putty has completely hardened. Gently sand the spot to blend well with the rest of the sill.

8. Prime your windowsill. Give your windowsill a coat of primer before you paint it to match your home. Home improvement retailers will be able to offer suggestions for the best primer for wooden windowsills.

9. Paint your windowsill. Give the windowsill a coat of paint to give it a fresh look after repairs. You will not even be able to tell that the sill has been damaged.

This is a fairly easy task, and it can save homeowners big money when attempting to restore the looks and function of their home's windowsills. Try these simple steps to repair your own sills, and talk with expert resources like Thompson Valley Disaster Kleenup about the best materials for your distinct windows.