Custom Metal Works Help Farmers Move Livestock Safely And More Efficiently!

To the casual observer, cows might look like slow, clumsy creatures that would be easy to order about. Experienced farmers and livestock handlers, however, know that the cow's peaceful attitude is often an illusion that can quickly evaporate if the cow becomes agitated or feels threatened.

In order to handle these animals safely, corral systems made of strong steel are built. But many of these systems lack additional features to make them safer and more efficient to use. No matter what type or size corral system you currently have, skilled metal works professionals can help you make modifications that will make handling any large animal much easier. 

A Gate Within a Gate

Most corral systems have gates that are sixteen feet or longer in length. This length is handy when moving farm equipment or an entire herd of animals through the corral system, but it can pose problems when working with a large animal who does not wish to be confined in the corral.

In this situation, having a small human-sized gate installed inside the framework of the larger corral gate can be a much more convenient solution. The narrow opening allows the livestock handler to come and go freely, while being too small for the cow to pass through. With no need to close off the escape route when working in the corral with an aggressive animal, the handler can quickly move into the opening and remain safe beyond the reach of the cow, when necessary.

Creep Rails to Keep Young Calves Well-Nourished

Cows may be very protective of their calves, but that doesn't mean that they won't happily consume any special supplements or feed that is meant for their growing calves. To prevent cows from engaging in this type of greedy behavior, ask your metal works professional to build a custom creep feeder pen inside the mother cow's enclosure on your farm. 

With heavy steel posts surrounded by a sturdy rail that is carefully positioned to let the calf creep underneath, the taller cow is prevented from going under or over the railing. The calves are free to eat without competition from their mothers or other larger members of the herd, and can easily return to the cow to nurse when they wish.

For even more great ways to customize your corral system for safety and efficiency, ask a trusted metal works professional to evaluate your present structure. Whether you need to improve your existing system or design and build a new one, they can make your livestock handling experience better than ever. Talk to experts like Sheridan Metal Products Ltd laser cutting for more information.