Talk To Contractors About Stretching Your Current Space

Consider construction projects that will expand your current space and make your home larger. This may also be a prudent investment in your property, as it can increase the square footage as well as the value of your home. Talk with contractors about ways to stretch your space, while fitting renovations into your budget. Some ways to achieve this may include the following.

Outdoor extensions

One simple way to add space and convenience to the home is by building an annex outside, or attached, to the main structure of your house. This may yield a private office space, a home gym, or even a storage shed, depending on the needs and lifestyle of your household. These extra buildings can be a major selling point for those looking to list their property on the market, often becoming income properties or guest quarters for prospective home buyers.

Higher ceilings

Raising the ceilings a couple of inches can make a huge difference in the perception and comfort of the space. While this may not change the overall square-footage of your home, a little extra head-room can be extremely satisfying and give the home a large, open feeling. Contractors will evaluate the best way to do this without making major changes to the doors, windows, or utilities in the ceiling or walls of the room.

Fewer walls

Another way to expand the feeling and configurations of your home is to omit some of the walls that cramp the space. Create large, airy rooms by removing walls and replacing with half-walls, doors, and partitions that allow light to come through. If you choose to get rid of solid walls altogether, you will find the added space and looks of your home are well-worth the construction costs to get there.

Large windows

Extend the look of the home and create cozy sitting nooks by adding big, extended windows on the front of your home. This may include bay-windows or sliding doors to best capture the natural sun and flood the rooms with light. This also is a great way to improve the curb appeal of your property to anyone who happens to pass by the property.

Expanding your current space in the home may be the best way to renovate and improve the home when homeowners are looking for projects to enhance their property. Talk with general contractors, such as Dawson Construction Ltd, about various approaches to give you the space that you need, while sticking to your allotted renovation budget.