Questions About Keeping Your New Cabinets Looking Great

When you are remodeling your kitchen, the type of cabinets that you choose can be a critically important decision. In addition to playing a central role in determining the overall appearance of the kitchen, the cabinets will also likely consume much of the budget for this remodeling project. As a result, it is vital for you to take excellent care of the cabinets to ensure they look great for years to come. Not surprisingly, new homeowners may have a couple of questions about how to keep their new cabinets looking great. 

Can Minor Cabinet Scratches And Dents Be Repaired?

Despite your best efforts to keep the cabinets safe from damage, accidents can happen, and there is a strong chance that your cabinets will eventually suffer some type of minor cosmetic damage. Luckily, most minor scratches and dents can easily be repaired without the need to hire a professional or pay for expensive replacement parts. 

You can purchase a cabinet repair kit from most home improvement stores. These kits contain a special filling material that can be used to even scratches and dents. Also, they contain a type of finish that can be applied to help the repaired portion blend with the rest of the cabinet. By using one of these simple kits, you can help repair various forms of damage as quickly and easily as possible. 

Do You Need To Protect The Cabinets From Moisture Damage?

Another common problem encountered by homeowners are cabinets that have suffered water damage. It may seem odd that water damage is a problem for kitchen cabinets, but this area of the home often experiences very high humidity levels from cooking and washing dishes. As a result, this moisture can seep into the wood of the cabinets and cause substantial rotting. 

Luckily, you can largely avoid this type of damage by applying either a sealant or a finish that provides moisture protection. These substances will prevent excessive water from soaking into the wood, and this can significantly extend the life of your new cabinets. A general rule of thumb is to apply a fresh coat of either the sealant or finish at least once every few years to ensure the cabinets are never exposed to this threat. 

Installing new cabinets can be an excellent way of sprucing up the appearance and improving the functionality of your kitchen. However, you may be worried about making this large of an investment in your kitchen. Luckily, if you carefully consider the answers to these common cabinet questions, you will be better prepared to ensure that your new cabinets last for years and that you get the most for you money from them. Talk to people like Millbrook Cabinetry Custom Cabinets for more information.