How To Prevent Work Delays When You Drill Wells For A Living

In the farthest corners of Canada, water wells are an absolute necessity to get the drinking, bathing and washing water you need. Your well drilling company provides an invaluable service that your customers cannot live without. In some cases, when your customers' wells are almost dry and time is of the essence, you need to find other underground aquifers without delay. To prevent work delays under these special circumstances, do the following.

Schedule Double the Number of Employees per Job

People get sick or call in sick and then you are left with not enough employees to dig the wells for your customers. Prepare in advance for this possibility by scheduling more employees than you need. Then you can send home any extras that want the day off or will run into overtime if they stay. This may seem like overkill, but it does prevent you from having to spend an hour calling in employees to replace those that are sick or do not show up to work.

Check Your Drilling Trucks for Problems

The pressure systems on your trucks, as well as their connecting hoses, can leak and malfunction without proper maintenance. When they break down or do not have adequate pressure delivered to the drilling bits, your work is delayed. Check all of your drilling trucks' engines, drills, drill bits, pressure hoses, hydraulics and gauges before you start work for the day. Better yet, check them all the night before prior to leaving work, such that you know your trucks are ready for work the next day.

Resupply Your Trucks the Night Before

Additionally, any well braces and well construction supplies should be resupplied every night at the end of everyone's shift. The biggest delays with well drilling are equipment malfunctions and lack of proper construction parts. You can, to a certain extent, prevent the former, and you can definitely prevent the latter by having everything your employees need on the trucks when they come in in the morning to work. (You, personally, can check for supplies, but your employees can load up the trucks before they go home at night.)

A Few Minutes' Preparation Saves You Hours in Delays

People rely on drilling companies, like J R Drilling Central Limited Partnership, to maintain their wells. Doing all of the above in advance will keep your business running more smoothly. If you forget, or your employees forget, it could cost you up to half a day in work delays. A leaking pressure hose or not enough well construction supplies means that your crew will have to wait on the delivery of a new truck or additional supplies, which could take a couple of hours to gather together and deliver, depending on where your customer is located. Just avoid the headache and prepare ahead of time.