Prevent Stains On Your Garage Floor

Your garage floor takes more abuse than any other surface in your home. Spills turn into stains that linger forever and make you really hate the look of it. It doesn't have to be that way, though. While you probably can't minimize the abuse that your garage floor takes, you can keep your floors neat and stain-free without having to work day and night at it. Read on to learn some ways that you can prevent stains on your garage floor so that the next time you open the garage doors, you like what you see.


Painting a floor may sound strange, but there is concrete paint on the market for just this purpose. The paint adheres to the concrete in a way that regular paint wouldn't. To begin this process, you need to sweep and clean the floor. Use a commercial concrete cleaner, rinse it away, and let the floor dry.

Once the floor is clean, you will apply a primer to get the surface ready to absorb the paint. Once the primer is dry, you will apply the paint. Both primer and paint can be applied with roller brushes with long extensions much like the way you would use a sponge mop to mop the floor. Let the paint dry completely before you use the garage again.

Floor Mat

If you don't want to do something permanent to the surface or are renting your home and don't have that option, a garage floor mat is a good choice for keeping the floor clean without doing anything permanent.

Simply measure your garage floor and purchase a mat to fit the space. Clean the floor before you put the mat down because anything left on the floor can become stains with the pressure of the floor mat. Put the mat down. Anything that you spill will be soaked up by the mat and when you need to clean it, you simply use a vinyl cleaner and it will look great again.

Concrete Sealant

Another popular option for preventing stains is to seal the surface. This will not change the look of the concrete and may be something that you could do if you are renting your home. It's a good choice if you can't decide on a paint color and don't like the idea of using a floor mat.

You use the concrete sealant just like you would paint the floor. Clean the surface first and then just roll or brush the sealant on and let it dry completely.

These simple methods will let you enjoy a stain free garage floor that is easy to maintain so you don't have to dread opening your garage door and looking at a stained floor. Talk to places like Aurora Overhead Door Inc for more information and tips.