Handy Guide To Help You Choose The Right Material For Your New Dock

Building a new dock is a great way to add to the aesthetic appeal of your home.  Docks are also very functional, since they can be used to anchor boats, or serve as the ideal gateway to a lake or river.  However, deciding upon which material to use for your dock can be quite confusing because of the vast array of options that are currently available on the market.  Use this information to help you decide upon the docking material that will work best for you.

Wood Is the Natural Choice

Wood has long been a favorite docking material for many people, and for good reason.  Wood flows naturally with the scenery, and helps to create a rustic look that is very attractive.  Whether you choose a hardwood, such as Brazilian Walnut, or a softwood, such as Red Cedar, wooden docks are a strong and durable material choice that will only enhance the look of your property.

Keep in mind that because wood is a natural material option, it will require a bit more maintenance than other docking choices.  You may need to power wash it on a regular basis to keep it clean, and you will also need to apply a sealant to the wood in order to prevent premature deterioration and to discourage pests from settling within the material.

Plastic Docking Is Easy To Maintain

If you're looking for a docking option that will require very little maintenance, plastic may be the perfect choice for you.  Because plastic is an inorganic material, you won't have to worry about deterioration from elements such as excessive sunlight or pests.  Plastic docks are lightweight, but have the ability to support a great deal of weight.  When you choose a plastic dock, you'll find that they require little more than a good blast of water from your hose to remain in like-new condition for many years to come.

Aluminum Docks Are Very Contemporary

If you want to build a dock that looks modern and contemporary, aluminum is the way to go.  An aluminum dock will not rot, twist or warp so the investment that you make in constructing an aluminum dock will prove to be very sound.  In addition, aluminum docks are completely customizable and can be painted or constructed to look like natural wood.

Carefully considering your options is the best way to choose a docking material that you'll be pleased with.  Before you construct your new dock, use this information to select the material that works for you. Talk to your local dock expert, such as Okanagan Pile Driving, for more information.