Selecting The Perfect Cabinet: Style Vs. Cost

The great thing about cabinets is that really expensive and really affordable cabinets essentially get the same job done. Therefore, the biggest consideration is whether you'd like to spend more money to get a cabinet with a style you like or if you'd like to get a cabinet that is simply in-stock and therefore costs less money. There are also several other factors to consider when choosing your cabinets.

Pay close attention to what you do not like about your cabinets. There might be a simple solution that is less expensive, such as replacing the handles on your cabinets. If you feel like you do not have enough space, you might need cabinets that have better organization features that allow you to make better use of your space.

Drawers vs. Doors

The two main types of cabinets are drawers and doors. The doors are becoming less widespread because drawers usually provide more storage space. Also, the drawers tend to be more ergonomic than the doors because you have to bend and stretch to reach things more often with doors.

Cabinet Height

If you have a problem with space, get cabinets that are as tall as possible so that they take advantage of your vertical space. Also, if the cabinets stretch from the floor to the ceiling, this creates a more seamless appearance that makes the cabinets appear to fit perfectly inside the kitchen. Adjustable door hardware allows for the cabinets to be adjusted so that they perfectly fit in place. 

Frameless vs. Rail-Style

The cabinets that provide the most storage space are frameless cabinets. The more traditional rail-style cabinets do not afford enough space for storing extra things.


If you are worried about having a home that is trendy, it can be difficult to make more permanent changes to your home like changing your cabinets. You won't necessarily know how trends will change. Fortunately, solid wood has remained a solid choice that has been persistently popular.

The door styles can either have a modern look or can look very traditional. If they have a modern look, that style might go out of style in the future. There are also many new finishing approaches that can improve the look of your cabinets including glazing, crackle and distressing.

Consider adding features designed to reduce the amount of work you need to do. These can include lazy Susans, sponge holders, deep drawers and pull-down soap. While these might cost extra, they will increase the value of your cabinets. If you want to know more or have other questions, try contacting cabinet makers with your concerns and to learn more.